Sunday, November 16, 2008

A little Masi love from across the blogoshpere

Over the past few years, as we've grown the Masi brand back up, the blogosphere has been exceptionally good to us. Yes, sure, I have personally spent a gazillion hours in the blogoshpere trying to cultivate and grow relationships and promote the brand, but I get a huge thrill when I see spontaneous Masi related posts around the world.

This one is from a great little shop in Ft Worth Texas- Panther City Bicycles. These guys have been great supporters of the brand and have a wonderful blog as well. I've met and spoken with Jason and his former partner in the business Bernie a number of times over the years. The community they have built around their little shop is pretty amazing.

And this one is from a blog in Hong Kong called Fixie Pixie. Sincerely, I just love the photos here. The Speciale Fixed and Coltello are both blank canvases for you to create your own masterpiece with. We're pretty happy with these bikes, but I get a much bigger thrill when I see one of our bikes rolling along fully customized by the rider. Just today, while on a ride with my daughter (aboard my SoulVille SS), we saw two different Masi bikes along the way; a Speciale Fixed (orange from a year ago) and a Speciale Commuter (in the Orange Creme). Both were far from stock and showed signs of adequate love. That's the stuff that really gets me!

So to Jason at Panther City Bicycles and the Fixie Pixie, we say thank you for your support!


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