Thursday, October 16, 2008

We're in business again!

After a little "glitch" last night into this early afternoon, the new Masi website is back again.

Even though we're here and prettier than ever, this new site is still something of a work in progress. We're functional, but we're gonna be getting better each day.

Under Construction

Your feedback is critical to us, since this site is here to serve you- not just for us to talk about how great we think the bikes are... we're hoping to hear you talk about how great the bikes are! With that in mind, please email your comments or suggestions (or corrections) directly to me- Tim Jackson; tjackson (at) MasiBikes (dot) com.

We're just getting started here and the continued evolution is going to be an exciting one. So join us in creating the next chapter in the Masi legend.


La nostra storia dorata