Phil Sundbaum's African Adventure with Hans Rey


I just got back from a two week trip to Tanzania with Aaron Lutze, Hans Rey, and Caleb Smith. We went there for Hans' charity Wheels 4 Life which raises money to donate bikes to people in 3rd world countries living in poverty so they have some mode of transportation so they can make it to and from work and to do daily chores like going to the market or getting water. We were able to raise enough money from flips for life to bring ten bikes of our own to donate to the villagers.

This was by far the hardest and most rewarding trip I have ever been on. We traveled from village to village learning about these people's lives and seeing how they live on a day to day bases. All of the bikes we brought were donated to one village in particular and to be there first hand to give them something as small as a bike that we use as a toy will literally change their life.

After seeing the way some people in the world have to live and now knowing how easy it is to do something so small that makes a big impact on a persons life I am going to do my part to help from now on. This is something i knew was an issue but never could have pictured what it was really like until I was there and had to live it myself and only for a short bit not my entire life.

You see a lot of charities on tv and can drop some change into a jar at the store but you never know where the money will ever end up. I would encourage any one who reads this to log onto to http://www.wheels4life.org/ and take a look at what Hans is doing. You can do just a little bit and everything will go where it needs because it is taken there and handed out right to the people who need it the most.

Go to http://www.summerofshred.com/ to get all of the other details and pics from this trip.