Haro cruisers go "On Surfari"!

"On Surfari" is a surf/travel/humanitarian style TV show hosted by Shayne and Shannon Mcintyre, it airs on Fuel TV and is also commited to rasing funds and generating awareness for those less fortunate.

Here at Haro, we watch this show regularly and really enjoy how Shayne and Shannon connect with the locals and capture the culture in all the really interesting places they travel to.
We thought it would be cool to see if Shayne and Shannon would be interested in a couple of new Haro cruisers so we e-mailed them through the On Surfari web site.
They responded and were totally interested in checking out our new bikes. After exchanging a few e-mails and phone calls, we set up a time for them to come in and pick out a couple of bikes to take home with them to Puerto Rico.

It just happened that Shayne and Shannon were in California this week for the ASR Show (Action Sports Retailer Show) and had time to stop by our office with their new daughter Coral.
Shayne and Shannon exemplify what our cruisers are all about: a comfortable, laid-back lifestyle. Our Zimzala cruiser name comes from the surf dictionary and means "A free spirited person who finds peace with sand between their toes".

We hope Shayne and Shannon enjoy riding their new cruisers and look forward to seeing them again real soon.

Check out On Surfari at http://www.onsurfari.com/ or check air times on Fuel TV: http://www.fuel.tv/